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Emoji Blue Heart (2022/16Min)

Last day at work and things are not going as expected.

Cast: Neomi Levov, Alon, Matan
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Maya Eylon (2021/7Min)

In the middle of an academic literature class at "Zoom", the students suddenly notice that in the square of the student Maya Eylon an unusual event takes place: a man enters her apartment and rapes her in front of the camera. There is a commotion, the agitated lecturer and the stunned students try to offer solutions and save her, but they are left helpless in the face of the rape in front of them and have no idea where it is taking place.

Main Cast: Keren Mor, Sharon Strimban, Barak Penso
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Shhhh (2020/13Min)

It was supposed to be just another ordinary evening for the couple who had a cute baby not long ago. The father is just coming from work, the mother will get up to heat the food but most importantly – do not wake up the baby who just falls asleep because things can go wrong beyond imagination…

Cast: Noa Koler, Erez Drigues
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